Welcome to the Fun Cave 4 Bats!, if you aren't a bat, it's okay too as long you love bats too!! This site is just a little personal corner on the internet with a lot of love for bats.The mascot of this blog is a bat called Lava. Lava can be a rascal sometimes but they're a good friend and would love to keep you company. The menu has some cool pages in it, I hope you like it!! This website is still a work in progress so there's a lot of things yet to be worked on!!!!
If there's something not working let me know!!!.

24/10 - Lava page added!
25/09 - Remaking the website again LOL
18/09 - About page being worked on!
17/09 - Still working on the website, pages yet to be created.

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Pixelated animation of Morrigan Aensland from the game Darkstalkers being carried by black bats.